Technologies for vegetable oil, biodiesel/FAME and next generation biofuels production
Referencje naszych instalacji do produkcji biodiesla i oleju jadalnego
  Year of realization  

Reference projects of Chemoprojekt, a.s. in supplies of technology units for oilseeds processing and biodiesel/glycerine/vegetableoilproduction

No. Year of realization Location Type of plant / project Production kapacity t/year
80 2011Latin AmericaBiodiesel production (FAME)
Crude copra oil treatment
(feasibility study)
50 000
81 2011SlovakiaBiodiesel production (FAME)
Glycerine treatment on G 85%
Crude veg oil treatment
Veg oil refining
Pressing and extraction
(feasibility study)
100 000
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